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Benefits and Features

ConvallisCRM Pro is a simple to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud hosted application developed by Convallis Software that you can use to share knowledge with colleagues, improve customer relationships, increase sales and lower costs resulting in improved profits.


User-friendly User Friendly Interface Icon Quick and easy access to contact details through the contact centre. Make changes to your contact information with a few simple clicks. Time Saving Clock Icon You don't need multiple software packages. Using ConvallisCRM to store all of your customer or contact information allows you to have instant access to it in one place. This helps save time searching for what you need and helps improve efficiency.
Multi-User Multi-User Icon ConvallisCRM can be accessed by all users and the data shared on your network from one central database. Everyone on your network knows what's going on with each contact. Assign individual users as account managers for a contact if required. Import Data Import Icon Easily add your existing electronic data using the built in data import tool. No need to add each contact individually. (Data can be imported from the following formats: .xls, .xlsx and .csv)
Contact Touch Facility Touch Icon Use the contact touches facility to make a note of your e-mails, telephone calls, letters, meetings etc at the touch of the button. Keep accurate and up to date records, look professional knowing exactly what has happened with any particular contact.
Tasks Tasks Icon Task lists help you get organised, e.g: contacts that you need to 'phone or email on a certain date, quotes or invoices that need to be processed, set up and choose your own task categories. Create Quotes and Invoices Salesforce Automation Icon Build and customise quotes and orders with ease. Send your quotes, despatch notes, invoices etc direct from the CRM. No need to use other software or paperwork stay efficient, keep your important sales documentation in one place. Target Your Marketing Target Icon Categorize your contacts, set up mailing lists and target your market accordingly. Get the right message to the right person!
E-Mail Email Icon Integrated so you can send personalised e-mails to your contacts from within the application. Set up your branded templates. Ideal for sending to mailing lists or individuals.
SMS (Texting) SMS Icon (Additional subscription required) Integrated so you can send a text to any mobile phone from within the application. Use to send individual messages or messages to groups of contacts. Ideal for targeted messages.
Mailing Lists Mailing Icon Add contacts to a mailing list to send marketing emails or texts to them from within the application. Also use to set up your direct mail lists. Export Data Export Icon Export your contacts directly to Excel for Mail Merge documents. Ideal for your direct mail campaigns. Associated Files / Folders Associated Files Icon Link directly to other files/folders associated with your contacts. Save time in finding vital data. Find it at the touch of a button! Calendar Calendar Icon Keep a note of your meetings and attendees. Never miss an important appointment again. Relationships No image Available Link colleagues, family etc using the Relationships function. If you can't get in touch with one person within a company find an alternative directly from the contact centre. Save Searches Save Icon Save any searches you make and reuse them again and again. No need to keep repeating a search.
Payments No image Available Keep accurate records of how and when you have received payment for an invoice using the integrated payment records within your sales workflow. Multiple Addresses Add multiple addresses to a contact. Use different addresses for your quotes, invoices and delivery if you need to.
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