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Keep track of the progress of your sales, make life easier by having all you need in one place.

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ConvallisCRM has the ability to create quotes and invoices for your customers and also keep track of the progress of any sales related contact you make with your customers. No longer will you have to type up your invoices in one piece of software and keep track of the progress in another. Keep track of your products in an orderly way which is quick and simple to use; making changes to your various products is easy to do.

See which of your products are working for you and making you the most money, by creating reports that meet your needs and give you only the information you want, forget about wasting time researching your order log and pull back the information in seconds.

Doing all this in ConvallisCRM takes care of all the hard work and allows you to focus on what's important - gaining more sales and focussing on your customers.

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