Customer Relationship Management made simple ConvallisCRM

Time Saving:

Clock for saving time (c)WoGi - Fotolia.comDon't waste time using different software to search for the contact/customer information you need - ConvallisCRM Pro stores all you need in one place, saving time and improving efficiency.

How often have you searched around for a business card or sticky note with contact details on?

How often have you become frustrated at not being able to find the sales or contact/customer information that you need?

ConvallisCRM is the one-stop software for all of your customer relationship management needs. Use the simple interface to search for contact information, sales, products, appointments etc quickly and efficiently. Set up and organise your marketing campaigns, use to set up your direct mailing lists or send personalised emails or text messages. Save time by having everything you need in one software programme rather than using many different systems.

What currently happens when you receive an unexpected call from a contact?

Maintain an air of efficiency by using ConvallisCRM to locate details including appointments, quotes, sales, marketing contact or any other previous interactions with that person. See all the information you need in the contact centre.

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