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Direct Mail:

Not sure where to start? ConvallisCRM makes direct mail campaigns simple.

How often do you wish you could set up a mailing list and use it to write personalized letters?

How would you like to be able to set up mailing lists and export them to use in a mail merge?

Pile of envelopes ready to send the direct mail

It's always nicer to receive a letter addressed personally to you rather than a generic letter. It shows the recipient that you have spent time ensuring that the message gets to the correct person.

Within ConvallisCRM, you have the ability to set up your contacts in specific mailing or category lists. Using these lists you can select any information that you require for the mailing (e.g: name, job title, company name, address etc) and export this information to a spreadsheet file to use for your mail merge.

This is ideal for your direct mail campaigns and using the CRM keep a record of how the contacts have responded to your mailing.

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