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Colleagues sharing dataSharing Data:

Useful in a multi-user environment

How many times has that important call come into the office and you haven't been there to take it?

Another member of the team answers the call and doesn't know what on earth the caller is talking about and can't answer the query. You keep your records in a notebook or in your head, but think if you could share the data over your network everyone would know what is going on with a particular contact.

ConvallisCRM can be used to share data in this way. Keep a record of contact touches such as phone calls, emails, sales etc and save you the embarrassment of not knowing what is happening with that contact. This also gives the impression that you are professional as you have instant access to data and consistent record keeping from within the shared system.

Please note that for multi-user environments the license purchased should cover the number of users. Please see the pricing page for more information.

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