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Customer Complaint Policy

Convallis Software statement on Customer Service Standards


Convallis Software Ltd. aims to provide a high level of customer service including the handling of complaints. This statement outlines Convallis Software's procedures for the handling of customer complaints in relation to our products and services.

It sets out our current complaint handling policy.

Your Legal Rights

You do not have to follow the complaint handling procedures in this statement. You are always free to take independent action to enforce your rights.

However, we believe that our complaint handling procedures will provide a quick and effective resolution of your concerns and difficulties.

Complaint Handling Procedures - How Convallis Software Ltd. handles complaints

Convallis Software Ltd. aims to provide an efficient, fair and accessible mechanism for handling customer complaints.

A named member of staff will be your single point of contact within Convallis Software Ltd. whether you wish to register a complaint about technical difficulties, your invoice or staff or if you merely want information about Convallis Software services.

Our aim is to ensure that Convallis Software complaint handling process is accessible to all customers including those with disabilities and special needs.

Please contact us via the methods below:



Phone: 01769 598155

Providing customers with easy access and a point of contact to lodge a complaint is a fundamental element of our overall complaint policy.

Our objective is to resolve the vast majority of enquiries and complaints during the customer's first call.

It may not always be possible to resolve a complaint on the first call, for example, because records have to be reviewed or enquiries made. Our objective is that complaints that cannot be resolved during the first call will be resolved within a timeframe agreed with the customer.

To provide a check on the handling of complaints the Directors will:

  • Randomly check records of complaints received to ensure that a satisfactory solution has been reached.
  • Review all complaints not resolved within our timeframe and determine what action is required to resolve those complaints quickly and efficiently.

Complaints in Writing

Convallis Software prefers to deal with complaints by telephone or email as this usually allows a quicker resolution. However if you wish to lodge a written complaint you can forward your correspondence to:

Convallis Software Ltd
Customer Service
Waddington Farm
EX18 7DU

A verbal or written acknowledgement will be made within five working days after receipt of your letter with a timeframe for investigating your complaint and when you can expect us to get back to you.

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