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Send Text Messages

Subscription from TextAnywhere required!

ConvallisCRM can be used to send SMS (text) messages to either an individual or group of contacts. This short guide will show you how. Please ensure before sending any marketing SMS messages that you are complying with the Data Protection Act.

Send Text Message

  1. Select File then Send Text. If you haven't yet got a subscription to TextAnywhere click the 'Sign Up!' button before continuing to set up and activate your account.
  2. In the Destination box, select which contacts to send the message to by ticking the box next to them, if you are sending a message to someone you don't have stored on the CRM, select Unknown Contact from the list and type in their mobile number.
  3. In the Replies box, select a Reply Type and fill in either Originator or Reply Email.
  4. In the Message box, write your message, if you require a template, tick the Select Template box and choose a template.
  5. Use the Contact Touch box to add a touch to each contact that receives the message.
  6. Click Send.
  7. Click Close.

You can check your remaining credits by clicking the Check Credits button.

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