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SMS Overview

Most people these days have a mobile phone that can be used to receive SMS (Text) messages. This is useful to you should you wish to get hold of a customer quickly, for example, to let them that their order is ready, a parcel has been despatched or for general marketing messages.

Using the optional subscription from TextAnywhere, which you can sign up to within the CRM, users can now use this to get messages to their contacts.

Once set up your messages can be sent to either individuals or a group of contacts using a mailing list. If sending to a mailing list, you have the option to choose which contacts within that list you send the message to.

If you need to, templates can be set up for SMS messages, which would be useful if you send similar messages regularly. SMS are limited to 160 characters, but this should be sufficient to send brief messages.

Once a message has been sent, you may need to recall it and look at it again. This can be done by looking at the View Sent Texts menu in the CRM or individual contact.

Please ensure that before sending marketing SMS that you are complying with the Data Protection Act.

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