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ConvallisCRM has a built-in email system, which makes it simple to send your contacts news updates or general messages. These messages can be personalised, sent to a mailing list or to an individual. 

Please ensure before sending any marketing emails that you are complying with the Data Protection Act.

Send Email Form

  1. Select File then Send Email.
  2. To send an email to a few people, write their email addresses in the To box (separated by commas), to send to a mailing list, tick the Mailing List box then click Select Mailing List and choose the contacts from the list.
  3. To add extra recipients use the CC and BCC boxes.
  4. Choose a Subject for the email.
  5. Select any Attachments you would like to send by clicking Add.(This step is optional)
  6. To use an Email Template, tick the Select Template and choose a template.
  7. Write your email message in the box*.
  8. To add a Touch to the contacts that receive the email (excluding CC and BCC), tick the Add Touch box and write information about the touch.
  9. When you are happy, click Send and your email will be sent.
  10. Click Close.

*If you want to send personalised messages, use Merge Fields, this is indicated by the red box in the image above. This feature will allow you to write one email with personal information then the system will replace the personal information based on which contact receives the email.

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