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Email Overview

Using email is a day to day activity of any business these days and ConvallisCRM offers the ability to use email directly from the application.

When setting up you have the option to either send your day to day emails from the CRM or you can opt to use your current system email editor (Outlook etc) by selecting the use system email editor option when you set up the User Options.

Templates can be set up and used, either for your normal day to day messages or specific ones set up for newsletters, quotes, despatches, invoices etc. If you have a template designed in HTML this can be also be imported into the application and saved as one of your email templates. Before setting up your templates it's recommended that you set up some template categories which will help keep your different templates organised.

When it comes to sending your emails, if you are sending a bulk message to a mailing list, when your list is chosen you have the option to de-select members of that list is you feel the message you are sending is not applicable to them.

When sending bulk emails,such as newsletters, you have the ability to personalise the message so that the recipient will feel that the message was sent to them personally rather than just a mass group. This could include their name or company name or one of the other options available to you in the menu.

As well as recording your sent email as a 'Touch' you can also view any emails that have been sent. (only those sent through the CRM) This is useful if you need to check that a message has been sent should you need to recall it for any reason.

Please ensure that before sending any marketing emails that you are complying with the Data Protection Act.

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