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Administration Overview

In order to use ConvallisCRM more efficiently there are a few other things that need to be set up before you start. These ensure that the CRM will work best for you.

Categories Filter your contacts into categories for effective searching, reporting and marketing.
Mailing Lists Allocate your contacts into one or multiple mailing lists.
Touch Categories Set up your touch categories to use in the CRM to keep track of exactly what has been said or done with a contact. For example, phone calls, emails sent etc.
Marketing Types Set up your Marketing Types to keep records of where the initial contact or enquiry was made with your contact record. This will give you opportunity to see where your enquiries are coming from and potentially see which methods of marketing have the best ROI.
Task Types Set up different task types appropriate to your business. Tasks will enable you to see what is due to be done against any particular contact, and for those with multiple licenses who is due to do the task.
Relationship Types Set up your relationship types - colleague, family etc. Know from your contact record who within their company you could contact if your main contact is unavailable.
Payment Types Set up your different payment types - BACS, cheque, cash invoice etc. This will help keep an accurate record of the method of payment from your customers.
Address Types Set up different address types for different parts of the sales process. Once set up, you can for example select a different address for a contact for their invoice and delivery.
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