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Contacts Overview

ConvallisCRM has a lot of features that will help store as much information as you can about a contact. Using the Contact Centre is is easy to see an overall view of any interaction with a particular contact.

The contact centre lets you view and edit the following information :


Contact Details The main contact information for the selected contact. This includes name, multiple addresses (for invoice, delivery etc), telephone numbers, email, online contact details including social media account details.
Contact Touches Records of any interactions with your contact, for example emails, letters phone calls etc.
Sales Items A record of sales related interaction with your contact, including quotes, items sold. This is also where you view existing sales items and continue the sales workflow process.
Agenda A view of appointments and/or events recorded in the calendar and allocated to that particular contact.
Categories and Mailing Lists The categories and mailing lists that you have allocated your contact to.
Associated Files These are any files or folders that relate to your contact but are saved elsewhere on your computer or network.
Relationships A record of a contacts' relationship with other contacts that are on your database. For example colleagues or family members.
Contact Notes Free form notes to enable you to write freely any important notes about a contact.
Contact Tasks A list of tasks that are assigned to the contact which also shows (if applicable) which user of the CRM has been assigned that task together with the date on which the task is due.
Personal Some CRM users may need to know certain information about a contact. This area will allow you to add personal information such as date of birth, partner name, gender and medical conditions.

If you already have your contact data in electronic form (.xls, .xlsx or.csv) format this can be imported directly into the CRM using the Import Tool, so there will be no need to enter all your data manually.


Example of the Contact Centre:

Contact Centre example
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