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Maintain Delivery Charges

Follow the tutorial below to find out how to create and maintain your delivery charges.
(Please note delivery charges are usually based on the weight of the order.)

  1. Select the Products/Services tab at the top of the CRM. Product services tab
  2. Click the Maintain Delivery Charges button. maintain deliver charges button
  3. In the box that appears, click Add.Maintain delivery charge bands
  4. Input a description and a Start Date for the delivery charges, the start date must be set as the current date or a future date, you cannot use a past date.Delivery Charge box
  5. In the row marked with +, input the Weight Range, Minimum spend for free delivery, Cost and a VAT Rate.
  6. Click Save, repeat for each weight range until you have what you require.
  7. Click Close.

If you only want to apply a flat charge (e.g. £5), you can set the weight range of 0 to some high number which your orders will never reach.

You can edit existing Delivery Charges by selecting the row and clicking Edit or clicking the edit button Edit button in the correct row, providing that the Valid From date has not passed.

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