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Create and Maintain Appointments

Using ConvallisCRM, you have the ability to keep a record of your appointments and if needed associate them with contacts in your database. If you have multi-user licenses, you are also able to assign an appointment to a specific user*. This short guide will show you how.

* Each user is assigned a different colour for their appointments.

ConvallisCRM Calendar

  1. Select the Calendar tab at the top of the CRM.
  2. Click New Appointment or double-click a date on the large calendar.
  3. Type in a Subject and a Location for your appointment.
  4. Select a Start Time and an End Time.
  5. To receive a reminder of your appointment, tick the Reminder box and select a Time.
  6. Select which User Calendar to add the appointment to.
  7. Click Add... at the bottom to add attendees. These must be contacts with a record in the CRM. (This is optional.)
  8. Write a Description of the appointment.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click Close.

insert appointment form

To edit an existing appointment, double-click it in the calendar.

You can navigate through your calendar using the small calendar on the right hand side of the large one. You are also able to select whether to view the calendar by day, week or month by selecting the appropriate tab at the base of the calendar.

Calendar view selection
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