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Create and Maintain Touches

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An important part of the CRM is the ability to keep an accurate record of any interaction or 'Touch' with your contacts. This will ensure that no important detail is missed and if any staff are away others will know exactly what has been happening with that contact.

This short help guide will show you how to add 'Touch' records to your contacts in the CRM.

  1. Find the Contact that you would like the touch to apply to.
  2. Click Add in the Contact Touch box.
  3. Select a Touch Category from the drop down list. This will enable users to see the type of contact made, for example phone call, email etc.
  4. Select the Date on which the touch was made. This is important to keep accurate records of the timeframe of any interaction with your contact.
  5. Select the User that had the touch with the contact. This allows other users of the CRM to see who has had the interaction with the contact and if necessary pass any further enquiries over to them.
  6. Click Get Ref to add a reference number to the touch. This could also be given to your contact as a reference.*This is optional.
  7. Write what was discussed or done with the touch in the Notes box.
  8. Click Save.
  9. If you need to add a task to associate with the touch select the Add Task button now and fill in the details of the task.
  10. Click Save when you have finished and then click close to return to the contact centre.
Example of Create or Edit Touch screen:
Create or edit touch
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