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System Configuration

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There are a few bits of information you need to give before using the software. Setting up the CRM for the first time requires you to do the following:

Load the CRM by clicking the desktop icon (an example is shown above) or by selecting it from the programs list.

Open the system configuration box by selecting Administration >System Configuration.

Email Settings

Email Settings - this will allow you to send emails from within the application.

  1. In the text box labelled Server Name, please enter the name of the email server through which your emails are sent (known as the SMTP server).
  2. If your server requires authentication when sending emails, click the Server requires authentication box and then the user name and password for the server, which will normally be the same user name and password used to access email. The outgoing server details can be obtained from your ISP.(Internet Service Provider)
  3. The dialogue also requires the email batch limit value, which is the maximum number of recipients that one email can be sent to through the outgoing email server and is used by the system when sending an email to a mailing list. The default is 50 which should cover most situations. Note that where the mailing list has more members than the batch limit value, the members of the list will be broken into groups of no more than the limit value with an email being sent to each group. Please note this does not apply when sending personalised emails as these are each sent as an individual message.
  4. In the general settings box, check the boxes you want to display. Sales Reports Folder is where the system will store invoices and quotes made within the system.
  5. These details can be changed at any time in the application by clicking Administration >System Configuration.

Touch Reference Configuration - this sets up reference settings that can be used when you add a touch.

  1. Track and link your contact touches by setting up suitable References Settings.
  2. The reference number is set up in the following way: <Prefix><Number><Suffix>
  3. Digits will specify the number of digits that the number will be output as, for instance if you specify 4 then a 4 digit number such as 0001 will be generated.
  4. Number is the lowest number a reference can have.

Touch Settings

Text Defaults - set up a subscription to allow you to send text messages from within the application.

If you wish to use ConvallisCRM to send SMS messages you first need to set up an account with our SMS services provider TextAnywhere. To do this: click on the Sign Up! button and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your TextAnywhere account has been setup you will be provided with a Client ID and Password which you should enter in the boxes provided. Fill in the other details and click OK to confirm. These settings can be changed at any time in the application by clicking Administration >System Configuration.

Text Message Settings

User Options

You will now have to set up your user details for the system. In the text box labelled Recipient enter an email address that should appear in the To of emails being sent to a mailing list. The text box labelled From should contain the email address that emails sent using ConvallisCRM should come from when you are using the system, in most cases this should be your own email address. If you would like to use your regular email editor when sending an email to an individual from within ConvallisCRM (e.g. MS Outlook), tick the Use the system email editor box. Click OK to confirm. You can change these details by clicking Administration >User Options at any time while using the application.

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