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Assign specific users of the software tasks. Keep records of tasks and know exactly what needs to be done when and by whom. ConvallisCRM can be used to do this and this short guide will show you how.

Task Editor

  1. Find the contact that you would like to assign the task to.
  2. In the Contact Tasks part of the contact centre click Add. Add a Task
  3. Choose a Due Date for the task. When you select the tasks tab at the top of the CRM the tasks will be listed in date order. It is also important to have a date for a task as this will give a deadline as to when it is due.
  4. Select a Task Type, these will have been set up previously in Maintain Task Types.
  5. Select a User to perform the task. This could be the user setting the task or the task could be allocated to another user of the CRM.
  6. Write a Summary of the task.
  7. In the Bottom Box, (optional) add more details of the task.
  8. Click Save when you have finished.

You can edit tasks by clicking Edit button in the Contact Tasks box or the Current Tasks tab.

From the Current Tasks tab at the top of the CRM, you are able to search for tasks based on date range, task type, user and / or (in)complete tasks. In this list, you will also see extra tasks if there are any sales items that currently need a task to be completed.

If you wish to delete a task, click the red cross next to the task you wish to delete, then click yes when the confirmation box opens.

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