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Creating and Maintaining Users

ConvallisCRM can be used by multiple users (up to the maximum amount of users that your licences cover), but you may also need to add additional 'inactive' users for the purposes of appointments or sales.This tutorial will show you how to add and make changes to the users who can use your copy of ConvallisCRM.

  1. From the menu, select Administration > Maintain Users.
  2. To add a new user to the CRM complete the user details with their name, and user name on the row marked +
  3. Make any changes you require to each user if required, if the box marked active is not checked, that user will not be able to use the CRM and will be an inactive user. Inactive users are unable to make changes in the CRM, but are able to be used for appointments and sales.
  4. Click Save to ensure that the CRM will be updated with the changes that you have made.
  5. Click Close to exit.
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