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Backup the database

Please note this only applies to customers of our desktop version of the software which is no longer available.

Backing the database up is an important procedure which we recommend is done at least once a day, with the backup file being copied to a disk other than the main computer hard drive once complete. Note that since the database is hosted in an instance of SQL Server 2008 Express which runs as a service on Windows, the backup must be initiated on the computer that hosts the database, this is because the SQL Server service runs with an identity which has limited access rights to the host computer but not to a client computer. The limited access rights of the service also mean that certain folders on the host computer are inaccessible, notably the My Documents folder. We recommend that a folder called Backup is created on the c: drive (i.e. c:\Backup) and that backup files are saved to this folder.

To initiate a backup click the Backup Database item of the File menu, this displays a standard save file dialog in which you can choose the folder in which to save the file as well as the name of the file. With the folder and file name chosen click the Save button which will start the backup. When complete a message box will be displayed announcing the success of the operation.

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