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Maintaining Task Types

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Setting up tasks in your CRM allows you and/or your colleagues to set actions that need to be achieved by a certain date. Seeing the tasks and who is assigned to do that task can help ensure that things get done for your customers when promised.

ConvallisCRM allows you to set up tasks for individual contacts, first though you need to set up your task types.

To do this click Administration, then click Maintain Lists, this will open the Maintain Lists box, to maintain the Task Types, click the row labelled Task Types.

Task types tab

To add a new Task Type click Add, this will open a new window where you can type in the name of your new Task Type. Once done click OK where it will save your new Task Type.

To delete a Task Type click the red cross next to the type that you wish to delete.This will open a message box to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

To edit the name click Edit button, this will open a box where you can edit the name. Click OK after editing to save the changes.

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