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Maintaining Marketing Types

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It is important to know where you met a contact or where an enquiry has come from. This can allow you to concentrate on marketing methods that work for you. ConvallisCRM gives you the opportunity to set up Marketing Types to allow you to see where your contact originally came from (e.g: Website enquiry, Exhibition, Networking etc).

You can set up your own Marketing Types preferences that are suitable for your business. To do this click Administration, then click Maintain Lists, this will open the Maintain Lists box, to maintain the Marketing Types click the row labelled Marketing Types.

Maintain Marketing Types

To add a new Marketing Type click Add, this will open a new window where you can type in the name of your new Marketing Type. Once you have entered the marketing type click OK where it will be saved.

To delete a Marketing Type click the red cross next to the marketing type that you wish to delete. This will open a message box to confirm the deletion, click Yes and the record will be deleted.

To edit the name click Edit button, this will open a box where you can edit the name. Click OK after editing to save the changes.

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