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Maintaining Categories

Video Tutorial

Sometimes, it is easier to find what you want when you can narrow down the search. Assigning contacts to specific categories can help make it easier to find someone that specialises in a certain business or mailing category, or people that belong to a certain geographic area. The tutorial below will explain how to create categories that can then be assigned to your contact records.

To set up categories specifically tailored for your needs, click Administration, then click Maintain Lists, this will open the Maintain Lists box, to maintain the Categories, click the row labelled Categories.


To add a new Category click Add, this will open a new window where you can type in the name of your new Category. Once done click OK and your category will be saved.
Add Category box

To delete a Category click the red cross next to the category that you would like to delete. This will open a message box to confirm the deletion, click Yes and the entry will be removed from the list.

To edit the category name click Edit button, this will open a box where you can edit the name. Click OK after editing to save any changes.

Add Categories to a Contact Record

When you have set up your categories you can now specify within a contact record multiple categories. This is useful for producing reports, for example business sector or type of customer.
  1. Select a Contact. To find a contact use the search function.
  2. Click the Edit button in the Contact Details box.
  3. Edit contact button

  4. Select the categories tab from the tabs shown.
    Categories tab

  5. Tick the box/boxes next to the categories that you would like the contact to be assigned to. This can always be edited if you need to at a future time.
  6. Once completed click save and your contact will be assigned to those categories.
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