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Add an Associated (Linked) File or Folder to a Contact

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Associated files will make it easy for you to find and use immediately files or folders that are relevant to the contact without having to search your computer. This guide will show you how to assign files or folders to a contact.

To start find the contact that you would like the file/folder to be associated to and then click Edit to load the edit contact details box.

To link a file or folder you must first click the tab labelled Associated Files. This will display a list of files and folders that have been linked to the contact, however when creating a contact the list will initially be blank.

Contact Associated files

To add an association click the button labelled Add... which will display the link editor box as shown below. You can browse for a file to link to the contact by clicking the button labelled File and then browsing to and selecting the desired file using the open file dialogue displayed. Alternatively you can link to a folder containing files linked to the contact by clicking the button labelled Folder and then browsing to and selecting the desired folder. You can also provide a friendly name for the link, although this is optional with the path of the link being displayed if no description is supplied.

You can edit existing Associated Files by clicking the edit button  in the correct row. You can delete Associated Files* by clicking the delete button (X) in the correct row.

* This will not delete the actual file or folder, it will only remove the link between the file and the contact.

Associated Files Dialog

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