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Setting Up Client Details

Video Tutorial

The client details area of ConvallisCRM allows you to set up your system with your company information. It is also the place where you can add your company logo, which will go on documents such as despatch or quote emails and invoices plus any other details such as your company number or vat information.

  1. Select Administration then Client Details from the menu.
  2. Type in your contact details.
  3. In the Sales Reports box, you can set up the information for your quotes, invoices and credit notes.
  4. To add a logo to your report select the Logo tab and click Load Image and select an image to use. Write a description (Optional).
  5. Move on to the Invoice tab and fill in any information you would like to have displayed on the report (such as: Company VAT number).
  6. Repeat the previous step for Quotes and Credit Notes.
  7. When you have finished click Save.

Examples of Client Details:

Client Details image

Example of details shown on Invoice

Example of details shown on Quote

Client details quote

Example of details shown on Credit Note

Credit Note, client details
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