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Connecting your Database

Once you have installed your software you are then ready to connect your database. The following steps will explain how to connect to your database.

  1. When the installation has finished, run ConvallisCRM
  2. The application dialog shown below will be displayed: Login screen
  3. Please enter the credentials with which you have been supplied either by Convallis Software or your Administrator, then click 'Login'.
  4. If ConvallisCRM is being run on your PC for the first time then:
  • The database connection dialog will be displayed:
Database Connection dialog

  • The server name should be entered as provided by Convallis Software. The same applies to the name of database in the 'Database Name' box. You do not need to make any other changes to the information in this dialog.
  • Upon clicking 'OK' this dialog will be displayed:
No user options Click 'OK'.
  • This will display this dialog: User options dialog Since for a mailshot ConvallisCRM now sends personalised emails to each contact, the top text box in not entirely relevant anymore, however you will need to enter an email address, and for the bottom text box this should be the address that any emails sent by you would be 'From' and to which replies would be received.
When complete click 'OK' and ConvallisCRM will start.
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