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Install ConvallisCRM Pro V3

A step by step guide to downloading and installing ConvallisCRM Pro and then connecting it to your database.

  1. First download ConvallisCRM from the link supplied by us when you purchase the software.
  2. Click on the 'Install' button.
  3. If you are using Internet Explorer you will see this message pop up:Run or Save setupClick 'Run'. If Internet Explorer is configured in the default way then this will be followed by this pop up:ActionsClick 'Actions'. This will display a dialog which looks like this: SmartScreen Filter Click 'More Options'. This will expand the dialog and you should then click 'Run Anyway'. Run anyway dialog Note that running the setup from other browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc) will require different actions depending on the browser (including the version of Internet Explorer installed). You may have to save the file and then run it from the folder that you downloaded it from.
  4. ConvallisCRM Pro V3 requires version 4.5 of the .Net Framework to be installed on your PC, it may have been installed previously by Windows Update, but if not then this dialog will be displayed: .Net Framework installation

    Click 'Accept' which will result in the framework setup being downloaded and installed.

  5. Once the framework has been installed (if required) this dialog will be displayed: Security warning Click 'Install' and ConvallisCRM Pro V3 will be downloaded and installed.

Once you have completed these steps, run ConvallisCRM and follow the steps for 'Connecting the Database'.
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