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Creating Quotes and Orders

ConvallisCRM can be used to keep accurate records of your quotes and orders, therefore keeping you up to date as to which particular stage a quote or order is at. When you create your quotes or orders you have the option to decide which address to use for the quote, invoice or delivery. For example, you may be want to deliver your product to a different address to the one that the invoice was sent to. Using the addresses box in the sales item details box will allow you to do this. Just select the address from the dropdown menu.

Creating Sales Items

  1. Find the Contact that you would like to allocate the quote or order to.
  2. In the Sales Items box, click Add.
  3. Add Sales Item button
  4. Select a Sales Item Type and press Go.
  5. Dropdown menu for selecting the sales item type
  6. Write a brief Description for the order or quote and choose a Due Date.
  7. If you have multiple addresses for the contact select which address you wish to send the quote, invoice or delivery to. (This depends on which stage of the process you are at)
  8. Click Save to save your progress so far.
  9. Click Add to add items to the order.
  10. Use the Product box to search for a product.
  11. Once you have selected your product, fill in the details for that product (any changes made to the product at this point, will not affect the actual product, the changes will only be made to it for this order, if you change the Total cost of the item, you can click the calculator button and it will work out the VAT amount that will be applied and also it will adjust the price of the product)*.
    Order Item - VAT Calculator
  12. Click Save. This will add your product to the sales item box. In this box you can also alter the description of the item to how you would like it to be displayed to your customer on the quote, invoice or despatch note.
  13. Repeat steps 6-10 for each product you wish to add to the order/quote.
  14. The sales item details also allows you to add notes regarding any particular order or quote. The Report Notes box allows you to enter any details that you wish to be displayed on the quote, invoice or despatch note. There is also a 'Notes' box. This is for free form possibly confidential notes about the sale and are for internal use only. These will not be displayed on the quote, invoice or despatch note.
  15. When you have completed all the details that are required click Save again and then Close to return to the CRM contact centre.

*If you would like to add a Discount to the item, you can set a Discount Rate in the box provided (This is % by default, ticking the Rate is Value box will make it be £).


You can move the order / quote through the business process by clicking Next Step or you can move it back by clicking Rollback , providing the item is not on the final step. At different points during this process you can have the system send emails and information, this depends on how you set up your workflow steps.

Once the order has been paid for, you can add how it was paid for in the Payment Details box.

Sales Item Details

Example of a Sales Quote

Example of a sales order

Print Orders

As you progress through your sales process, you will be able to print out the order / quote, you can also print out despatch notes, by clicking the relevant Print button. Please note that you will have to check the despatched box before printing despatch notes.

Printed Quote Example

Example of a Quote Printout

Printed Invoice Example

Example of a printed invoice

Printed Despatch Note Example

Example of Despatch Note


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