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How to Create a New Contact

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From the main contact centre click the button labelled Create a new Contact.

Create Contact Bar

This will display the edit contact details box with blank entries, ready for you to enter the contact name, address, phone, email address etc. When the details have been entered you can click the button labelled Save which will initiate saving the contact data to the database. Before saving to the database it will ensure that a few rules have been met, these are that a surname has been supplied, and that a post code and the first line of the address are present. If you do not have this information then we suggest that you put a value such as Unknown or a question mark in these boxes.  If an email address is supplied it will also check that this is valid. If the data passes these checks it will be saved to the database and can then be found using the contact search facility in the main application window.

Contacts can have multiple addresses types,(maybe a different one for invoicing and delivery),email addresses, web addresses, phone or fax numbers, and will let you add as many of each type as you want. You are also able to add various social media connections for your contacts as well. You can also select which communications address or number is used as a default for each type by checking the box next to it. The one that is set as the default will be used when sending emails and texts.

If setting up multiple address types, enter the address and then check the box for which address type it is. The default choices are Delivery, Invoice or Quote but additional options can be added using Maintain Address Types. To add a second address type click Add and then enter the next address and select which address type it is.

If your contact has opted in to receive email marketing messages, ensure that the Receive Emails box is checked. Similarly if you would like your contact to receive mailings or text messages ensure that those boxes are checked. This needs to be done to comply with Data Protection legislation.

The Marketing box is where you can choose where you either first met your contact or how they found you. This is a good way to discover which marketing methods are working well. The drop down list will show the Marketing Types that you set up during your Administration.

You can assign a CRM user to a contact by selecting them from the Account Manager list.
You can also assign the contact to one or more categories by clicking the tab labelled Categories. This displays a list of categories that have been entered into the system, each with a check box which can be ticked to associate that category with the contact. In a similar fashion you can also add the contact to one or more mailing lists by clicking the tab labelled Mailing Lists.

Other tabs available are Notes, Associated Files, Personal and Relationships which are shown below.

Contact Details Form

Contact Details Form

Contact Notes Tab Free Form Notes
These notes can be used for any additional information you might have about the contact.
Associated Files
These are files that relate to a contact, adding regularly used files here will help you find information easily.
Contact Associated Files Tab
Contact Categories Tab Contact Categories
An easy way to separate your contacts, build your own categories and organise them how you like.
Contact Mailing Lists
Add contacts to different mailing lists which can be used for marketing.
Contact Mailing Lists Tab
Contact Personal Information Tab Personal Information
Some general personal information about the contact.

Relating your contacts to others in the database and showing how they are related to each other.

Maintaining relationships for a contact
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