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Viewing Reports

When you have created a report, you will be redirected back to the Reports List where you will see the results of the latest report you created. You can edit your report by clicking the Edit button, click the X to delete the selected report. The blue arrows will refresh the results of the report. 

The report results can also be viewed by shuffling the results into various formats, for example listing  A - Z or by value. To do this click the header name on the report results that you would like to rank.

Your reports can be exported as a Excel Spreadsheet that can be used for mail merging, a Word Document, XPS Document or they can be printed. To do this click choose how you want to export the results then click Go, you will be asked where you want to save the file.

After you have created a report which is based on the Contacts group, an example of which is shown above, you can add / remove the contacts that are returned from the query to a category or mailing list, as shown below:

Add Results to Category or Mailing List

An example of a product/sales report:

Example of products report

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