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Maintain Relationship Types

Contact relationships are a new feature in ConvallisCRM and they allow you to see how your contacts fit together with other contacts that you may have. Each relationship is described by a type (e.g. Friend, Colleague, Son, etc.), this section of the tutorial will show you how.

    Maintain Relationship Types

To add a new Relationship Type first select Maintain Lists from the Administration menu and then select the Relationship Types row. To add the new relationship click  Add, this will open a new window where you can type in the name of your new Relationship Type. Once you have finished, click OK where it will save your new Relationship Type.

To delete an Relationship Type click the red cross, which will open a message box to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

To edit the name click the Edit button button, this will open a box where you can edit the name. Click OK after editing to save the changes.

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