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Maintain Address Types

Some contacts have more than one address, for instance he or she may have one address where invoices should be sent and another for deliveries, in these situations it is important to know which address is which. This problem is addressed by the Address Types. The tutorial below will show you how to maintain your Address Types.

To start click Administration, then click Maintain Lists, this will open the Maintain Lists dialogue To maintain the Address Types, click the relevant item in the list.

Maintain Address Types

To add a new Address Type click Add, this will open a new window where you can type in the name of your new Address Type. Once you have finished click OK where it will save your new Address Type.

To delete an Address Type click Delete, which will open a message box to confirm the deletion, click Yes.

To edit the Address Type click Edit button, this will open a box where you can edit the name. Click OK after editing to save the changes.

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