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Create Relationships

Contact relationships allow you to see how your contacts fit together with other contacts you may have. You may need to get in touch with a manager of a company urgently but they are out of the office for a week, setting up relationships between contacts will help you find someone else within the company that might be able to help with your problem and also give you a clearer picture of who knows who and how they know each other.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up different relationships between contacts as well as creating your own types of relationships.

Before you can create relationships between contacts, you need to set up some relationship types (e.g. Friend, Colleague, Son, etc.), go to the Maintain Relationships Types tutorial guide to see how to do this.

Creating Relationships

Now that you have created some relationship types, you can start making the link between contacts using these types. This section of the tutorial will show you how.

  1. Find the contact you want to add a relationship to.

  2. In the Relationships box, click Change. Relationships box in contact centre

  3. You will be greeted with a screen that shows a diagram of the existing relationships for the contact. Relationships visual

  4. To add a new relationship, click the Add (any contact) or click Add Company Contacts (Contacts within the same company as the contact) button at the bottom of the box.

  5. Using the contact search at the top of the screen that appears, search for the contacts that you want to add the relationship to.

  6. Click Select on any contacts you want to add relationships to, or use the Select All button to choose all of the contacts in the search results. Search for relationships

  7. Once you have chosen the contacts you want, click Select at the bottom of the screen.

  8. You will now have the new relationship displayed in the diagram.

The new relationship will have the default relationship type when it is created but you can change the relationship type by clicking the black arrow between the two contacts, clicking the Edit button at the bottom and choosing the relationship type. To delete a relationship, click the black arrow between the two contacts then click the Delete button.

You can also set up relationships from within the Edit Contact screen by selecting the Relationships tab and then following the steps above to create the relationship.

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